Order 3 Magic Triad created using the Sephiroth, an ancient Jewish Kabbalah symbol. It's ten points represent the ten emanations of the divine brain in the creation of the physical world. The top triad is the Divine Triad of Equilibrium, Wisdom and Love. The second triad is the Moral Triad of Mercy, Strength and Beauty. The bottom triad is the Natural Triad of Glory, Victory and Foundation of Truth. Below is the Leadership of the Universe.
The first Triad made from the Sephiroth is made by folding it up on itself like an accordian, only the Natural Triad is made upsidedown to fit. The Sephiroth is divided into three columns, Wisdom, Balance, and Love. I made these into spirals to get my second Triad. To make the Sephiroth Magical, the Moral Triad must be rotated and the Universe must be taken away. Now each column adds up to fifteen. By rotating the center three numbers in my Triad, the three diagonals are now is the same order as my Magic Sephiroth, and all add up to 15. The diagonals resemble the Magic Square and when reorganized properly, generates the Order 3 Magic Triad.
I am also showing a correlation to the Order 3 Magic Triad and the Enneagram, the ancient Egyptian symbol for the pantheon of the gods.

The Order 4 Magic Triad can be generated using a triad of the Astrological Symbols. I organized the 12 Astrological signs into 4 triads for the 4 elements, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, and diagonally into the 3 modes, Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed. The spiral arrangement is simply the order which each sign appears, from Aquarius (1) to Capricorn (12). From this arrangment, I placed the Modes into the spirals, so that each spiral represents Cardinal, Mutable or Fixed signs, and simlpy smallest numbers in the center to largest numbers on the outside. To get closer, the numbers were rearranged within their spirals, and then by swapping the 8 and 6, I get the Order 4 Magic Triad.

Here are all the signs in order from first to last, in their 4 Elements circularily, and their 3 Modes diagonally.

Here are the planets that each sign represents, divided into the exterior Lunar and interior Solar planets. Notice that the circle that divides the two sets, is in between the Water and Fire elements. This disruption is caused by the conjunction of opposite forces. This was also seen when solving for the Order 3 Magic Triad, when the spiral changed directions within this region.

Here are the planets in their harmonic arrangements, based on the work of Johannes Kepler. He was interested in geometric progressions in three-dimensional space. I have simplified the Platonic Solids into a simple Geometric Progression: triangle, pentagon, hexagon and square. And my own design for Geometric Progression Facial Analysis. I start with one line, from the corners of the mouth. Two lines makes the lips, three makes the nose structure, four positions the eyes, and five lays out cheek-bones and the bridge of the nose. A hexagon makes the sides of the face or ears, and the forehead. Three more identicle progressions are set within this one to define nose structure more and eye structure. Stacking one below makes the chin, and one above makes the skull of the head.

Here is the Triadic Color chart with CMY, RGB, RYB, GOP, and brown triads. The RGB and RYB colors are within the same triad, but separated by the conjunction. This transition also represents the differnce between Additive, light mixing colors that go towards white, and Subtractive, pigment mixtures that go towards black.
The Sephirothic Tree is now shown in symbolic colors: Mercy in Blue, Strength in Red, Beauty in Yellow, Glory in Green, Victory in Orange, and Truth in Purple. When folded accordian-sytle, the colors align perfectly with the Triadic Colors!

Here is the Triadic Color Chart in 3D. It is similar to a design by a color theorist named Kuppers. It shows how the triad has an inherent 3 dimensional quality. Some say it is like a tunnel.

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